Private Tuition For Primary School

Private Tuition For Primary School

Looking for a good tuition teacher for your child? We are a private home tuition agency in Singapore offering 1-1 home tuition. We Cater for all areas, levels and subjects. Contact us for private tuition for primary school now!

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Private tuition, or hiring or personal home tutors, has been both a successful business venture and a helpful academic tool. Many schools encourage volunteer tutoring programs for students’ exposure, and many parents choose to hire home tutors for extra help for their children when it comes to school work.

Private tuition works like this: you hire a personal tutor, arrange for a definite schedule to work with, and your tutor comes to your home to tutor your child at the specified times. In many cases, personal tutors are paid per hour, and may have varying study schedules with their students, such as after school hours or at night.

One can only begin to count the ways of how ideal and helpful a tutoring program can be, for any student as well as the parents concerned. Basically, the benefits of private tuition or hiring personal tutors can be summarized in five P’s: Parent help, Performance, Progress, Peers, and Profit. Below are some short descriptions of each.

Parent help – There are many moms and dads who admittedly are too busy with work to monitor their children’s school work first-hand. Getting a tutor to keep track of your child’s homework and grades can be a big help, especially if you have little time on your hands. Your tutor updates you on what is being done and how well your child is doing with academics. In a way, you assist your child with his school needs through the guidance of your personal tutor.

Performance – One of the most common reasons why personal tutors or home tutors are hired is to improve the academic performance of a student, whether he is a child, teenager, or adult. In cases wherein a student is unable to catch up with current lessons, or needs to focus more on specific school topics, home tutors can definitely be good guides to have.

Progress – Not all cases of home tutoring programs or private tuition involve a student who is having difficulty catching up in class. Even when a student is performing fairly well with regards to grades, private tutors can still be hired to monitor the progress of a student. At times, advanced reading or extra exercises can be very useful in sharpening the skills of a tutee.

Peers – As mentioned before, there are people who opt for private tuition even when they are in their college years. Many schools and universities offer private tuition programs, both voluntary and paid, for students who need additional help in class. These peer to peer tutoring sessions have actually been proven effective in most instances, because of how easy it is to relate academically to fellow students of the same age.

Profit – There are many students as well as professionals who sign up for private tuition to be able to get extra income. There are a lot of private tutors who work part time or full time in home tutoring programs. It can be a good method of earning money while at the same time helping children and fellow students.

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